Event Filming Services

Working with #MCSEventPro we produced a series of films during 2016 covering leading UK retailer Wilko’s new store openings. Wilko have 400 stores on the high street that deliver a level of customer service that is second to none. It’s not just about great people though, they stock an unrivalled range of branded and own brand products at everyday stay low prices.

Our brief was to create a series of short promotional films that featured the buzz the openings generated on the high street and showcased why Wilko were voted No.1 on the High Street for customer service in 2016. Each store opening is a celebration with prize draws and giveaways for the first customers through the door of each new store. We filmed the key elements at each event, covering the build-up to opening, the speeches and the all important ribbon cutting ceremony. Happy smiling faces bring any event film to life, we always look out for the people who are reacting positively to what’s happening around them and don’t seem to mind the camera. It’s worth the effort searching out people for those special shots, it’s rare that a big smile from a happy customer or Wilko colleague doesn’t end up in the final edit!

Event Filming Kit

Keeping mobile with the right kit whilst undertaking event filming services, is key to getting great footage. Clearly the majority of things that happen at an opening event are unrehearsed and whilst there is always a schedule, being flexible and mobile ensures we don’t miss the critical shots. We’ve fine tuned our event filming rigs with mobility and flexability in minda and shoot with either with a Panasonic AF101 fitted with a fast f2.8 lens or a run-&-gun style 4K Panasonic DVX200. We rarely use tripods for this type of event filming preferring to use Manfrotto MVM500A monopods, that gives us a good combination of stability for speeches and static shots, along with controlled handheld style movement to quickly capture those fleeting moments and reactions. The small footprint of eack rig means our camera operators can get into position quickly and take up no more space than if they were shooting handheld, ideal for filming in crowded public areas. If you havent used a monopod for video work, give one a go. It’s the first piece of kit we grab off the shelf for this type of event filming work.

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