1. Are the Event Filming Company experienced in conference filming and conference recording? Make sure events work is one of their primary functions, do they regularly film events? Or is it secondary role? Ask if they can scale to 2, 3 or 4 HD cameras and a vision mixer if required. An event filming production company should generally have these resources available in house, some video companies will outsource anything beyond a 1 or 2 camera shoot, this approach is likely to increase your costs.
  2. Ask how conference filming company intend to record the sound at your event? Relying on the camera in-built microphones will result in inferior audio on your conference videos. Your filming company should be either taking a feed directly from the venue sound system or installing their own independent microphones to record the lectern, stage and top table speakers.
  3. Don’t make the mistake of arranging to get your conference filmed and simply worrying about the editing later. The editing process could cost significantly more than filming! Especially if multiple slide presentations need to be inserted. There are a number of ways to reduce post production costs, including recording a copy of all the cameras and presentation slides onsite during the event. Whilst initial costs for kit and personnel are marginally higher, the huge reduction in editing time will save you money overall.
  4. Ask to see a short sample of their previous conference filming work. Is it well presented HD Video with clear sound and are the PowerPoint slides sharp and legible?
  5. Provide a full brief for the company to quote against. Are you looking for a minute by minute video of the whole event or a short promotional overview? Include all the event details, location, number of speakers, running time and a little background about the type of event you are arranging. If your presenters will have PowerPoint or other content on the day that needs to be in the final videos mention this too. Explain what you want to use the finished conference videos for? i.e training post event, uploading to your company or organisations website or YouTube channel. A good conference filming company should then be able to submit an accurate quote with various options for you to consider against your budget.


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