Conference Filming & Streaming

One of our recent events saw us provide conference filming, streaming and production services to Linaro, the leading collaborative engineering organisation who optimise open source software for the ARM eco-system, at their bi-annual ‘Connect’ event. Working in with NAV we have supported Linaro on these events since 2013, travelling worldwide to Hong Kong, Macau, San […]

Event Filming Services

Event Filming Services Working with #MCSEventPro we produced a series of films during 2016 covering leading UK retailer Wilko’s new store openings. Wilko have 400 stores on the high street that deliver a level of customer service that is second to none. It’s not just about great people though, they stock an unrivalled range of […]

Tips for Live Event Filming

Tips for Live Event Filming. Live event filming can be stressful and sometimes unpredictable, however if you set out with a well thought out plan delivering a story of an event on film can be enjoyable and rewarding. We film conferences, concerts and corporate events and produce engaging promotional content, in this article we’d like […]

Which microphone for conference filming?

Choosing the right microphone when filming a conference will help you to deliver great video content, HD or 4K pictures need quality sound to match. Our first rule is ‘forget the on-board’ which refers to the built-in microphone of most professional cameras. On-board camera microphones are omni directional, meaning their recording pattern covers virtually everything […]

YouTube for conference video filming

Humble beginnings to a big success From its humble beginnings in 2005, YouTube now gets billions of views per day. YouTube statistics tell us that people view millions of hours of video per day and this makes YouTube a great marketing tool. It also now has an unrivalled global reach with YouTube sites in 88 countries […]

Conference Filming 1, 2 or 3 Cameras?

Using more than one camera for conference filming will add significant production value to your final video, whether it is a live to screen event, live streaming or for video-on-demand sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. Using multiple cameras will help engage and entertain by introducing more variety to the content, only the best footage […]

Conference Filming Company on YouTube

In 2014 YouTube became the worlds second largest search engine, currently its users upload 300+ hours of content every minute, official metrics show over one billion unique users each month visit the site, resulting in excess of 6 billion viewing hours. Whilst there has never been any doubt in most people’s minds YouTube was the […]

5 Tips for choosing an Event Filming Company

Are the Event Filming Company experienced in conference filming and conference recording? Make sure events work is one of their primary functions, do they regularly film events? Or is it secondary role? Ask if they can scale to 2, 3 or 4 HD cameras and a vision mixer if required. An event filming production company […]

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