We shoot great quality video in 4K and HD! Yes but doesn’t everyone do that these days? More or less, but in production terms we know video is only half the story. At film A conference we also make sure we record great audio too, an essential element so often overlooked by some Conference Video Crews. A quality soundtrack is critical to delivering a professional quality end product.

All of our crew have years of experience recording live sound at conferences & events. We are happy to interface with your sound engineer taking their live feed, or alternatively we can secondary mic the event ourselves, covering everything from the main presenter to the audience and room ambience. We stock an extensive range of conference audio recording gear including; Radio Microphones, Shotgun Mic’s, Stereo Atmos Mic’s, Digital Audio Mixers and Audio Recorders.

At film A conference our video content looks great, but importantly there is also great sound to match the pictures!

Are you a Production Company? Do you need assistance capturing and recording live sound? film A conference can help! Whilst most camera-operators have got the pictures ‘in-the-can’, the audio recording of an event often requires additional specialist equipment that many freelance camera operators don’t have access to. Our background in Conference & Events sound means we have the both kit and expertise to help.

We regularly support other Video Production companies with their conference & events sound recording. Recent jobs have ranged from simply supplying a single line feed at a conference for a DSLR based film crew, right to the other end of the scale, providing 50x audio feeds for the world press at a Champions League Final.


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