1. In 2014 YouTube became the worlds second largest search engine, currently its users upload 300+ hours of content every minute, official metrics show over one billion unique users each month visit the site, resulting in excess of 6 billion viewing hours.
  2. Whilst there has never been any doubt in most people’s minds YouTube was the place to go for comedy cat videos, over recent times it has also become one of the essential marketing platforms for the most successful businesses and organisations. Whilst many UK companies have some video presence online, the majority are yet to fully embrace the concept and are therefore missing out on a relatively low cost, but highly valuable marketing opportunity.
  3. Your next conference or event could be the best way to kick start your online video campaign, its likely you have already made a significant financial investment in the event, but for a minimal additional spend you could have it professionally recorded and uploaded to your own branded YouTube channel. Making your conference content available post event will deliver added value to the overall budget by ensuring your brand and content reach a potential worldwide audience.
  4. filmAconference are specialists in event filming, if you are looking for a conference filming company who can record your conference or event and provide you with high quality online video content, call us for no-obligation help and advice and we’ll guide you through the process of delivering high quality, but budget conscious conference video content .


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