Are you looking for a hybrid filming company? A professional partner who offer good value filming packages? If you’ve planned your event and now need to get it online, we can deliver high quality broadcast of your event.

What we think sets us apart as a conference filming company is our attention to detail, we understand how conferences and events run and the best way to film them. There’s more to live streaming than just turning up with a camera and a laptop! Leave all that to us, we’ll deal with the presenter slides and incorporate them into the videos. We’ll consider the element often overlooked; sound. Live content is nothing without a great sound, we’ve got a stock of microphones and recording equipment to ensure your event recordings are the best

Conference filming on 1, 2 or 3 cameras? Mix live and record on site? or edit it all after the event? There are so many elements that can affect the cost, one thing we promise is, no hidden costs! Editing conference footage can be time consuming and sometimes quite expensive, we recognised this and developed a system of recording a conference and editing live.

Our popular Hybrid Conference filming packages broadcast video content that’s web ready, this means you won’t have any unexpected costs for your event. We’ll quote a package price that delivers great online content ready to upload to your website or video channel after the event.


Get in touch, we’ll guide you on how to get like-for-like comparison quotes to ensure you get best value for your conference filming budget.