Everyone can shoot HD video these days, so just grab your smart phone and hit RECORD for perfect HD content, well not quite! Whilst most people don’t need full broadcast quality for their online conference content, we still use professional high definition kit that delivers great video combined with crystal clear sound recordings.

For Events we shoot on Panasonic Professional AG-AC160’s Full HD (1920×1080 50P) Cameras with x22 lenses. We’ve also got Canon SLR’s and a 4/3 sensor Panasonic AF101 with prime lenses for the more creative stuff! Our native format on the Panasonics is AVCHD MP4, recording at about 26mbps, but if you prefer ProRes or Avid DNxHD files at higher bit rates we’ve got that covered too via external HD Recorders. The AF range is BBC Broadcast approved when used with an external HD recorder.

If we are live mixing an event on a multi-camera shoot then it’s all taken care of by a VR50HD HDMI/SDI Vision Mixer, a portable HD studio solution all in a single unit, meaning we are set-up at your event and ready to rock ‘n’ roll in record time! We usually mix down to HD MP4’s on site, so a quick top and tail back in the Edit Suite and the footage will be ready to go. If you are using the videos after the event for online training or instructional purposes, we can also embed the Powerpoint pic-in-pic style straight in to the recorded mix, this minimises the usual post event edit costs for this type of content. But whatever goes in the mix, don’t worry, we also back-up in camera too, so all the camera master footage will be there if you do need it!nationwide-hd-icon

Are you are a committed Mac’o’phile? Or do you just prefer uncompressed master files? We’ve got Atomos Samurai’s fitted with Solid State Drives. So if you need HQ ProRes or Avid DNxHD footage of the main mix at up to 220mbps just let us know!

Need 4K? We have 4K Ultra HD Camcorders in our equipment fleet for stunning recordings at up to 200mbps.