Streaming your event online is now within most event organisers budget. Whether you need to stream a meeting between 2 rooms in the same building or ‘Go Live’ at your conference and broadcast across the world, online-live2then we can help.

If your Conference or Event is private we stream to a secure site, meaning people must login to watch the content, this approach is often preferred for training or private staff only conferences streamed to colleagues in multiple locations. If required we can embed the PowerPoint in the video stream so the remote viewers engage with all the media and content delivered at the event.

Social media is dominated by Facebook. Back in the day it was seen as a social networking site for friends and family to stay in touch, however things changed, with most businesses from SME’s to large Corporate’s using the platform to promote and engage people with their business or products. At we can stream your events live to Facebook. Stream an event that’s instructional or a product awareness session that’s promotional, whatever your content streaming to Facebook creates a unique buzz around your social media profile.

Create a Fan Page and an Event then promote it to all your Facebook Fans. This process allows you to engage with your Facebook audience over a build-up period, posting updates, promoting your company and your products. On the day of your event we stream it live to a fully branded page. A typical Case Study; A Cosmetics Company launching a new range. What better way to engage potential customers than offering a free Make-Up Masterclass streamed live online? Online How-to-video is one of the most popular types of content, live streaming to social media is a unique and new way of engaging existing and potential customers with your products or services.

bottomimages-webinars1 will help you ‘GO-LIVE’ streaming your event worldwide