Humble beginnings to a big success

From its humble beginnings in 2005, YouTube now gets billions of views per day. YouTube statistics tell us that people view millions of hours of video per day and this makes YouTube a great marketing tool. It also now has an unrivalled global reach with YouTube sites in 88 countries and 76 languages. This international footprint means traditional geographical barriers to marketing and promotions have all but disappeared.

YouTube and marketing

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006 it has worked to improve the accessibility of online video and this has improved its value as a marketing tool. Google searches now prioritise videos so when you search for something and it has a related video, this will appear at the top of a search. YouTube’s dominance of the online video market means the most successful companies utilise it to promote their business or services.

One of the strengths of YouTube is related videos. This means that whilst watching a video on a certain topic, viewers are presented with videos on a similar topic for them to watch afterwards. This can really help retain the viewers attention and it’s ability to improve a company’s exposure and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Using YouTube also demonstrates an up-to-date approach to marketing and acknowledges how people now consume their online media. It’s no coincidence the most successful YouTube channels have huge followings and can earn 6 figure sums from the associated advertising revenue they generate.

YouTube for conference video filming

Filming your conference and uploading to YouTube for people to watch at their leisure, or live streaming the event live is a great way of adding extra value to your event, increasing your audience numbers way beyond just those who attend on the day.

YouTube is an ideal online platform for conference content, providing either a quick overview in the form of a montage of previous conferences, or complete coverage of your conference agenda with in-depth, coverage of all the presentation content from the day, alongside interviews with attendees or your presenters.

YouTube doesn’t charge for uploading video content, so why not consider creating a YouTube channel specifically featuring your next conference or event? The videos can be arranged ‘by presenter’ featuring each person with their PowerPoint content in full, supported by mini interviews or product demo videos. Targeted YouTube channels with strong content create an engaging reference for online viewers and also allow your delegates to review anything they might have missed on the day.


In summary, YouTube is a powerful promotional tool that is still under used by many conference and event organisers. Filming your conference doesn’t need to be stressful or complicated and is a cost effective way of broadening your potential audience. Great conference video content will keep working for you delivering your message long after the actual event.


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